Monfils and Svitolina can benefit from their relationship, says Savchuk

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Monfils and Svitolina can benefit from their relationship, says Savchuk

In an interview to Tennis Now, the WTA player Olga Savchuk commented on the romantic relationship between Gael Monfils and Elina Svitolina. She said: "I think in general for players it could be both but for her, in this case, I think for both of them it’s positive because they both are at the same level, they understand each other, they know when somebody is tired when somebody needs to be more focused.

It’s always easier to be in a relationship when you’re doing the same thing and you are in the same environment so I think it’s positive in their case." On Dayana Yastremska, Savchuk added: "I have known her for a few years already since she is a new young player coming up when I played the last few years, I heard about her and saw her a few times.

But now when she recently played Fed Cup I really had a chance to see her closely in the practices and during the match as well. I’m really impressed and I never saw someone like that at the age of 18. She just plays the game, she knows what she is going to do exactly.

She follows the tactics and no matter how well it’s going or isn’t she has the faith of the winner. She doesn’t get pissed. She doesn’t pay attention to the mistakes. She just keeps following her tactics, and the gameplan.

She just plays the game and she is not distracted by anything. I’m just impressed about that—how professional she is at this young age. And her game, I think is very mature as well for her age. Very powerful. Very explosive. Very quick, and she has a very good character for tennis."