The hero and ‘husband’ of Wimbledon queen Simona Halep

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The hero and ‘husband’ of Wimbledon queen Simona Halep

Daniela Hantuchova declared in a BBC interview who is the hidden hero behind Simona Halep’s success and why Darren Cahill says that they are like a married couple. Hantuchova, a good friend of Halep, pointed out the importance of the Wimbledon champion’s physical trainer Teo Cercel: “Let's not forget about Teo Cercel, they are together since junior years.

Darren even jokes with them, he tells them that they are like husband and wife. Teo, as well, has a crucial role in everything that happens with Simona. He is the unseen hero and we must not forget about this man." Moreover, Daniela was proud of Simona’s overall ascension and her Wimbledon triumph, where she managed to make only three unforced mistakes: “Three unforced errors!

What can you say more than this?! She is a close friend and I know how much she worked to get here. It is so nice to see that her very calm attitude brought her here. In the past, she put a lot of pressure on herself, but now, seeing how she relaxes and puts value on what happens outside the court as well, it helps her.

I think that if she will keep going on like this, she will become a better person and a better player." The retired Czech player had recently played an exhibition match alongside Simona Halep, Fabio Fognini and Marius Copil.

Darren Cahill was present as well to create an amazing show for the Romanians who attended the event.