Judy Murray recalls when Zverev was jumping on bed, banging on walls

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Judy Murray recalls when Zverev was jumping on bed, banging on walls

In an interview to Tennis View Mag, Andy Murray's mother Judy commented on Alexander Zverev and his coach Ivan Lendl splitting after a one-year co-operation. Zverev claimed that Lendl did not give his best effort during training sessions, which is surprising as the eight-time Grand Slam champion helped Andy Murray winning three Grand Slam titles.

"In Sascha’s case, I first met him when he was three years old and Mischa is the same age as Andy", said Judy. "Mischa and Andy were playing in a little Tennis Europe U14 event in Maia, Portugal. "(His) Mom and Dad are really great coaches so they’re in very, very good hands in my opinion.

There’s also a lot to be said for family support on the road. It can be a very lonely existence for players traveling… Anyway, what I remember about Sascha at that tournament is that he wouldn’t bloody well sleep!

He was jumping on the bed and banging on the walls, and eventually, I had to go and knock on the door, ‘Shut that kid up!’. That was my first experience of Sascha. I have shared that experience of him a couple of times.

I remember him being around when Mischa was the older one travelling. He’s very fortunate. It was mostly (his) mom who was around in those days and I’m guessing the dad was at home working because somebody has to pay for everything."

On how it felt to have her sons competing on the ATP Tour, Murray added: "I think I was in a different situation. For a start, if your kids are boys it’s not cool being coached by your mum. I recognized that when Jamie and Andy were 12 and 13, it’s more important to be the mum than it is to be the coach."