Bernard Tomic: 'I may win a Grand Slam, I am still very young'

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Bernard Tomic: 'I may win a Grand Slam, I am still very young'

In an interview to Tennis Atlantic, Bernard Tomic commented on his career so far. The Australian player had a controversial behaviour but he believes his results have been good and he is confident that more success will come in the future.

"There is a lot of pressure in the sport and you learn how to deal with it. It was a lot of pressure when I was young. I played really solid and well in my career. One Slam... I may have a chance in the future but I have been ten years around and I still feel like I am super young 26.

These guys are 38, 39 and are still playing. For me, it's been a long journey but I have to keep going, doing what I do and hopefully one day it pays off", said Tomic. On the possibility of hiring a full coaching team, he added: "Whenever I want, put a good team, people to help me and support me.

Can get good coaches and this is no problem for me. But I don't think I really want it. And it's a problem I have just got to assess it. And even if it takes some time, and, you know, see how this works. Because right now, like, if you say, can you get a coach and trainer, because I have had four, five people on my team and stuff.

But the last sort of year or two, nothing motivates. Even the years I was in the top 20 I was with one of my friends that's not even a coach, lives in Miami, he was helping me for the year, and I got there. It was all myself that pushed to succeed and to play well the past two years."