Alexander Zverev: 'I have the most powerful backhand on the Tour'

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Alexander Zverev: 'I have the most powerful backhand on the Tour'

Alexander Zverev praised his game speaking to Tennis Magazine. The world No. 5 said: "When I play well, my forehand is my most powerful shot, the most efficient one. And I certainly I have the most powerful backhand of the tour, even if Novak's is a bit steadier.

People can say what they want, it doesn't upset me." Zverev also credited his father Alexander Sr for his success in tennis: "He's the person who know me best He will always be here and I want him to be here.

Him and the other coach have to have the same state of mind, think of the same areas of improvement to work on. They can have different opinions sometimes, but they have to get along well. Before hiring a coach, my father and I talk about it.

Anyway, even if there is nobody else by my side, I will always have the best coach with me - my father. I'm sure about it." And what about mother? "She doesn't want to be very involved anymore. She's already done her job.

My technique and my way of playing tennis come from her since my young age. She thinks she's done everything she could. Now she enjoys life and enjoys to have two sons playing tennis." Zverev is already training in Montreal, ahead of the Rogers Cup.