Daria Kasatkina: 'A fan asked me money in mid-match'

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Daria Kasatkina: 'A fan asked me money in mid-match'

What do fans shout from the grounds when Daria Kasatkina plays matches? In an interview to Match TV, the Russian player said: "Basically always the same things. Someone tried to ask me money during a match. But it did not happen.

I do not reply because any bad sentence can immediately get viral." Asked if she would like to win the St. Petersburg Ladies Trophy or a Grand Slam title, Kasatkina replied: "The second thing. I am always happy to come to St.

Petersburg. I always liked it since the first time I played. Also, it takes place in Russia and we are rarely home." On friendships, Kasatkina added: "On the women's tour I have a good communication with Daria Gavrilova, Belinda Bencic, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova and with the other Russian girls."

On how she managed to improve mentally, she added: "I was working with Didac, first of all. And second of all, it's coming with the matches, with experience, with everything like that. It's not coming from the air just because you start to wanted to fix your head.

So you have to work every practice, every match thinking about it, and it's getting better and better. Thank you." On how the sport evolved, Kasatkina concluded: "Now the tennis become more physical, physical sport.

So you have to be athletic, watching everything what you are doing, the food, the fitness, everything, when you go to sleep. And so it's everything, such small details that you have to follow if you want to be the best. So I think this is the most tough, toughest moment."