Elina Svitolina shares how she and Gael Monfils fell in love


Elina Svitolina shares how she and Gael Monfils fell in love

In an interview Elina Svitolina shared how she and Gael Monfils fell in love together. The Ukrainian said: "I have been knowing Gael for some time because we constantly play the same tournaments. But we were speaking each other very less: he knew I had had a relationship for a long time.

And in the end of last year, I went celebrating with my friends in Paris. I posted a photo on Instagram and Gael texted me. We met each other and we could not split anymore. It was an amazing coincidence that both of us were in Paris in the same time because I live in London now and Gael, despite he is from Paris, lives in Geneva." After Wimbledon they went to Ukraine, Svitolina's birthcountry: "That was our first trip together in Ukraine.

I am happy Gael liked it. He liked Kiev, he was happy of Odessa and, most of all, of the Ukrainian food." Some photos featuring them together were published: "That's a bit bothering, you have no privacy but that's part of our job.

We have a packed calendar so hanging out is a luxury which we can rarely afford. But when we manage to find a free day, we go to a romantic city and we spend some time alone together. We played in different cities and in between tournaments, we met each other in Paris for 24 hours walking by streets and eating nice food."

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