Victoria Azarenka: 'I do not want my son Leo to watch matches live'

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Victoria Azarenka: 'I do not want my son Leo to watch matches live'

In a press conference Victoria Azarenka shared why her two-year and a half old son Leo does not attend her matches live. Roger Federer's twins sometimes attend them as they are interested to tennis. But Azarenka has a different approach.

"My son is not watching my matches. He is too little. He watches it on TV and he knows very well what I do. If I brought him on court, I would be more nervous than usual. I would be worried if everything was okay. He would definitely shout, Mum!

And then he would like to go on court", she said. The football player Artem Dzyuba, who plays for FC St. Petersburg Zenith and Russia's National Team, spoke about his passion for tennis. "My heart belongs to Roger Federer', he said.

"He is my favorite athlete. When he plays, I sweat. I get very angry when he loses. I loved tennis since my childhood even when Federer was only starting to compete. Previously, my favorite was Marat Satin. I think football and tennis have many things in common.

In both sports, you have to think quickly, take decisions at light Speed. You also need to be fit and move quickly. You have to think more than running, you have to be smart. Differences in terms of umpiring between football and tennis? In football VAR got introduced and tennis you can call the Hawk-Eye Challenge. However, in football an umpire May be more important."