Daniil Medvedev shares why he has set residence in Monte Carlo

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Daniil Medvedev shares why he has set residence in Monte Carlo

Daniil Medvedev shared why he has moved from Russia to France. The Russian player has set his residence in Monte Carlo like many other tennis players. "As a teenager and going in tournaments, I thought it would have been much better to live in Europe or United States than in Russia", said Medvedev.

"What should I do there? It's true that in the beginning, it was difficult to get used, I did not know the language and there was a different culture. But I was continuing to think that it was nice. Now, every time I come back to Moscow, I find a good mindset between people, I enjoy myself there but unfortunately, you cannot play tennis properly there.

Anyways, I already fluently speak French, but my friends are more or less Russians. Totally different mentality, I prefer Russians." On his beginnings, Medvedev added: "My mother has always brought me to tennis and also all the sports.

I played swimming, cards. I was not a person who started playing tennis five times a week at three years of age. I joined tennis at nine or ten, then I played tournaments. I had more or less success and that's why expectations got higher.

That's where difficulties started because people expect things from you and you have to spend more and more. My father wanted me to be a good tennis player, he was telling me to go hitting a serve instead of playing PlayStation.

If tennis did not work, I could have gone to the United States or studied in Russia. There is nothing wrong in it, everyone does it."