Petra Kvitova: 'I do not trust men, especially unknown people'

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Petra Kvitova: 'I do not trust men, especially unknown people'

In an interview with Forbes CZ, Petra Kvitova spoke about several topics. On her post-career plans, the two-time Wimbledon winner said: "I would like to try my activity, have my beauty salon. I am already looking for the right place, so if you know a place in Prague - at least 200 square meters close to the centre and with a parking lot - let me know."

On her investments, Kvitova added: "I have a woman who I meet every three months and tells me how the situation is and what we will do with money. I invest being careful, like investment funds. But the prize money is not a motivation at all.

I do not care about it. I never played tennis to make big money." On how she would do in a match against Tomas Berdych: "It would be terrible. 6-0 6-0. It's a big difference. I could barely win rallies." She concluded speaking about her hand incident dated back to 2016: "I have a big issue in trusting men, especially people who I do not know.

It makes me uncomfortable, I do not take a taxi. In the beginning, it was difficult to sleep at home alone. Sometimes I still have flashbacks."