Grigor Dimitrov impressed by Steffi Graf in training sessions

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Grigor Dimitrov impressed by Steffi Graf in training sessions

In an interview to Gio Journal, Grigor Dimitrov was asked what are the former legends he would like to compete against. "I would definitely want to play Björn Borg and John McEnroe. The two are complete opposites, but they would be so much to learn from them.

Each has a completely different game. I mean, every time they played against each other, you could always see the differences, but you could also learn", said the Bulgarian. Frances Tiafoe had a similar answer as Dimitrov: "I have to go with Steffi Graf.

Everything she did. She won every single match, every tournament possible and all the majors. And Serena. That goes without saying." Asked about what woman he would pick, Dimitrov said: "Steffi Graf, the way she possesses pretty much everything.

But that slice, I think, would rattle you a little bit. And her movement to explore the court and hit that forehand!", admitted Dimitrov, who hit with Graf and Andre Agassi in Las Vegas. Karen Khachanov was asked what he loves the most about tennis: "The way you fight, you fight alone on the court.

You try to think what’s going on and analyze it. Tennis is a really complicated sport because you need to solve your problems by yourself. You need to always try to find a way to win. Every week you have a new opportunity, you either win or lose.

I think from one hand it’s pretty tough but on the other hand, I just love to play tennis. I like the feeling of being on the court, to competing and trying to win", replied the Russian.