Pospisil:'In 2012 almost all the players wanted to boycott Australian Open'

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Pospisil:'In 2012 almost all the players wanted to boycott Australian Open'

In a column for The Globe Mail Vasek Pospisil spoke about the prize money in tennis. Pospisil believes that the prize should be increased for early rounds losers especially in the major tournaments. In this year's US Open, for the first time, the second round losers will get $100,000 each while the winner gets a $3.85 million cheque.

Pospisil, who joined the Player's Council to try to change the dynamic of the Tour, wrote: "We’re constantly told that we must “trust” the tournaments and that this is a “partnership”.

Except this is business. The players are given the bare minimum of what the governing bodies feel will avoid a revolution or an extremely angry group of players. The goal for the ATP, in order to avoid unrest in its otherwise well-run and controlled empire, is to give the players only what they need.

Still, there is a history of player unrest on the Tour. In 2012, almost all the players (except one in a very high-profile position) wanted to boycott the Australian Open. Because of this pressure, there were prize-money increases from the Grand Slams in recent years.

What I wish for, and what I am working for, is for there to be a balance of power on both sides so that true negotiating can happen. I would like both the players and the tournaments to come to the table, make their arguments and come to compromises they can mutually benefit from.

What I’m advocating for is fairness and transparency, nothing more. It’s important to grow the sport beyond a small elite of the top pros. It’s important to share the spoils of the hard work of lifelong tennis players who love the game."