Alexander Zverev: 'My father is the best coach, I will stay with him'

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Alexander Zverev: 'My father is the best coach, I will stay with him'

Alexander Zverev split with the eight-time Grand Slam winner Ivan Lendl, but the German player aims to keep working with his father Alexander Sr. In an interview, Zverev said: "He is the best I can think of as a coach.

We stay united." Lendl announced that he would not be working with Zverev during the Hamburg Open in July. The two had been working for almost a year since Lendl joined his team in August 2018. With Lendl, Zverev won the 2018 ATP World Tour Finals.

He also reached his first quarter-final at a Major, at the French Open last year. In 2019, despite inconsistent performances, Zverev defended his quarter-final points at Roland Garros. Before coaching Zverev, Lendl formed a successful partnership with Andy Murray, leading him to three Majors (two Wimbledon and one US Open), and also helped him achieve the no.

1 ranking in singles. The former world No. 1 Boris Becker said: "You took the choice to hire Ivan Lendl, so you have to do it in the right way or you stop it. Before, it was not a satisfying situation for anyone." Becker also spoke about celebrities: "We're living in strange times, celebrity culture is at an all-time high, but it is not the truth.

I am a celebrity because I've done something unusual but a lot of people are celebrities these days because they are a celebrity. They've never done anything in their life that is extraordinary other than being famous.

So it is very difficult for young children. Do you want to be famous and successful? If so how is it defined? If you have 10 million followers on Twitter does that mean you are successful? We are living in dangerous times of value and what means what."