Feliciano Lopez speaks about wedding with Sandra Gago

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Feliciano Lopez speaks about wedding with Sandra Gago

In an interview, the tennis player Feliciano Lopez spoke about his upcoming wedding with his girlfriend Sandra Gago. Lopez had already celebrated his first wedding with Alba Carrillo back in July 2016. "You have to share this day with the people you love the most and it will definitely be one of the happiest days in our life", said Lopez.

Asked if they will have a honeymoon, the Madrid Open Tournament Director replied: "We will have a trip, but not a very long one because I also have to compete." Asked if they plan to have children, Lopez replied: "Well, we are two people who are convinced that we want to have a family.

I do not exactly know when it will be, but it does not have to be when I retire. Some players keep playing while they are fathers." Tennis-wise it has been a good time for Lopez as he won at Queen's in June: "Of course I have to be proud of my grass season, of course.

Right now, after losing today, you know, the way I lost the match is not the right time maybe to reflect on that. But of course, I'm very happy. You know, I won a tournament that I didn't expect it. So I have to be happy about that, of course.

Gives me a lot of confidence, you know, to play the rest of the season and probably next year, also. I'm in the top 50 again, which is great. This is something to be happy", he said in Wimbledon.