Nick Kyrgios shares proposals on how to make tennis still attractive

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Nick Kyrgios shares proposals on how to make tennis still attractive

Nick Kyrgios commented on how tennis can still look like attractive in the next years. The Australian player said: "I think people are so concerned about keeping fans in the game, but I personally believe it's about bringing in a whole new different fan base to the game.

I think you look at American sports like NBA, NFL, I mean, so exciting. I think they do it the right way, and I'm just trying to bring new fans to the sport. That's one of my goals, actually, and I really want, you know, tennis to grow.

I think there is so much potential for it to grow. I look at all the young players coming up, Tsitsipas, Felix, these guys, they all have different personalities. I think if the higher-up people in the tennis market them the right way and we play entertaining tennis we do, I think tennis can become pretty cool."

Asked to design the perfect tournament, Kyrgios replied: "I think it would be a team event, definitely. I think the way Laver Cup is, the way ATP Cup is going to be, I think that's what tennis needs moving forward.

I think it's unbelievable, that concept to play in a team, and I think it's way more exciting for the fans to watch. I think it's easier to follow a team, as well. Surface-wise I think hard court or grass court would be nice.

Ben knows there are way too many clay court events. Yeah, I think hard court or grass court. Team events, I think, are what's needed."