Victoria Azarenka: 'Our players deserve the chance to have a family'

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Victoria Azarenka: 'Our players deserve the chance to have a family'

Victoria Azarenka is part of the WTA Player's Council. The Belarusian player believes that several improvements should be made on the women's tour especially for mothers coming back from pregnancy. Azarenka interrupted her deals with some sponsors when she was pregnant of her son Leo in 2016.

"I believe I can achieve a lot of things. I'm going to push for them", said Azarenka. "I believe that the new structure of the tournaments is very important. Right now I believe that equality and opportunity in scheduling are going to be my main, one of my main things that have to be changed.

It's not a conversation any more of a possibility. This will change. So those two things are very important. I believe that a very important part is to have paid maternity leave for our players, to have protection, having opportunities to have childcare services, because we do have women with more families.

Our players deserve the chance to have a family if they want to and not think, oh, my career is over, how I'm going to do it if I have a family? So I believe that this protection for our sport and we have that ability to make that and be a pioneer in women's sport, I think that's very important.

I don't know if I can achieve those things in two years, but I'm going to try", concluded the former world No. 1.