Naomi Osaka: 'I won't read Sascha Bajin's book'

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Naomi Osaka: 'I won't read Sascha Bajin's book'

Naomi Osaka's former coach Sascha Bajin wrote a book in Japanese recalling his co-operation with the two-time Grand Slam winner. They did not end in good terms and Osaka, asked by a journalist if she will read the book, said: "Man, you're shady.

I haven't read it. Don't plan on reading it." On her performance in Cincinnati on Wednesday, Osaka added: "I think my first serve this match had its ups and downs. There were moments where I could rely on it and moments where I just went for, like, I went too hard on it, which was unnecessary, because actually, she's great at returning hard serves.

I should have mixed it up more and kept a higher percentage so she wouldn't attack my second serve. But overall, I don't think it was that bad." Osaka has no regrets looking back to the past: "No, I never have a feeling of wanting to return back to how things were.

For me, it's just a way of clearing my head. I have been wanting to do that since French, but I just thought it would be weird, because I did that right before Indian Wells, so I was, like, every season am I going to write a paragraph on my feelings? So that's why I decided not to do it, but then, like, after the Wimbledon I was, like, I feel like -- it's not like I owe an explanation, but I at least should sort of air out how I'm feeling to people that care enough to, like, read a long paragraph. So, yeah, it's a bit of a therapy-ish sort of for me."