Richard Gasquet: 'At 20 years of age I didn't see the physio a lot. Now...'

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Richard Gasquet: 'At 20 years of age I didn't see the physio a lot. Now...'

Richard Gasquet is surprised by his longevity. The Frenchman, recalling when he played in Cincinnati 14 years ago, said: "I was not thinking I would play until -- I'm 33 now. Of course, I come here, I wasn't -- 2005, first year.

So, yeah, it's a long, very long, but I still enjoy it. I'm still playing well. I still like to play matches. Yeah, I don't know how long I will play. Maybe two, three years. It's tough to say. Yeah, I still like it. And of course it's big longevity for me, but you see a lot of players who are playing late now, so it helps for me to play more and more."

Asked if the backhand down the line is his favourite shot to hit, Gasquet replied: "I think of course the backhand is better than the forehand. Yeah, it's a stroke I did well today. I managed to do it very well, and I think it was one of the keys to the match.

For sure physically the game is bigger now. It's much tougher than before. The physical condition is high level now, more than when I started in 2005. It's more difficult. Of course, I work a lot to feel better on my physical condition.

Yeah, of course. Mentally I still like to -- I still enjoy playing." "I see physio more often than before", added Gasquet. "Of course when I was 20 years old, I tell you, I didn't see physio so much. But now, at 33, I need to see the physio every day.

That's the difference, the big difference. As a teenager, when you're young, of course, it's easier to recover faster. Now at 33, you have to be very careful."