Daniil Medvedev's game is ugly but lovable, says pundit

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Daniil Medvedev's game is ugly but lovable, says pundit

Speaking on Amazon Prime, Andy Murray's former coach Mark Petchey commented on Daniil Medvedev's win over Novak Djokovic in Cincinnati. Petchey said: “Tennis needed that. We’ve been talking about the NextGen.

We’ve been talking about the lost Gen. We certainly got somebody here that was as animated as Peter Pan was but unlike Peter Pan, he grew up today under the lights. He was fantastic from the moment when his back was against the wall.

He just threw everything at him. It was smart tennis. Yes, it was gambling but what choice did he have particularly at that stage of the match with Novak dominated so many of those points. There’s just something about him, you can’t put your finger on it.

His game is pretty ugly but it is lovable. His strokes look fairly inadequate but they are indispensable to him in terms of how he makes an opponent miss. All credit in the world to Medvedev. He’s come of age, he’s made the headlines.

With that win, even if he doesn’t go on to win the title, it’s magnificent”. Medvedev believes he is not only great on serve but return too: "I suppose myself as a very good returner all the time. It's my serve that's not usually my biggest weapon, and that's been working amazing these three weeks, all these tournaments.

That's a great step ahead. I was working a lot. I would say mostly, not before American season but in the preseason, that starts working better and better. Yeah, as I say, I think the return, I was always returning good, and the service this week is working the best in my life."