We need Nick Kyrgios, he is good for tennis - Rubin

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We need Nick Kyrgios, he is good for tennis - Rubin

In an interview to Spox the American player Noah Rubin spoke about Nick Kyrgios' controversial behaviour. Rubin said: "Kyrgios sometimes goes through some limits, but he is good for the sport. We need this character.

We need a bad boy like it was John McEnroe at the time. And Kyrgios loves this role. He brings people to tennis." Speaking to Telegraph, he added: “Eleven months (season) is brutal. In every other sport they have a proper break.

And if you’re not top 50 and so trying to get as many points as possible, you’re forced to play too many tournaments and that’s a real problem because you’re just hurting yourself more. The season is 11 months long and you’re mostly alone.

People see Federer lifting the trophy, but they don’t see the Challenger in Germany or in Mexico”. “As well as match-fixing, a lot of tanking goes on because people are tired, or they’ve got planes to catch.

People are like ‘they must be getting money for this’, but often they just don’t want to be out there. Top heavy money is a huge problem. The guy who wins a grand slam gets roughly an extra £400,000 these days.

It’s just not necessary. If you put that into everyone who loses in qualies [qualifiers], and they get an extra two grand, that’s great, that covers expenses. Not getting enough money overall from the tournaments is another huge problem.“