Elina Svitolina: 'I may play mixed with Gael Monfils at Wimbledon'

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Elina Svitolina: 'I may play mixed with Gael Monfils at Wimbledon'

In an interview to Pro Tennis Fan Elina Svitolina was asked if she plans to play mixed doubles at the US Open with Gael Monfils. The Ukrainian player said: "For the moment I don't think it's happening for the - at least at the US Open.

Maybe next year at Wimbledon, but not so sure because there is a high risk of injury and we try to just to focus on the singles first and then later, I'm sure it's possibly can happen." On why they decided to have a joint Instagram account, Svitolina added: "Obviously the idea was from the most creative person in the relationship.

It's a Gael (laughs), but it came up just from the first thing it was because we wanted to share with the fans and try to give something back. And we're doing some stuff that we tried to share with fans and try to do some charity events as well.

He helps me a lot with my foundation as well which is amazing. So it's something we want to give back and what we can control and that's it. " "We are very different", Svitolina added. "When we're on the court and off the court we have a different mentality.

But it's not bad, I think it's just, adapt to our personality that helps me to relax a little bit because you know, sometimes I can be too tough on myself and in the same time I just try to work really hard every time that I go on the court and that's my mentality.

That's what helps me to improve I think. And he helps me a lot. Also when I had some injuries it was a difficult time for me, so he knows how to handle it and helped me a lot."