Nick Kyrgios is good for the game, you watch him - Andy Roddick

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Nick Kyrgios is good for the game, you watch him - Andy Roddick

In an interview with Reuters, the 2003 US Open winner Andy Roddick praised Nick Kyrgios. Ahead of the US Open, the American said: “His talent is unbelievable. I would go back and play my career with his game in a heartbeat.

We need there to be kind of a transcendent star. Like him or hate him, you watch him. I think for the good of the game (and) I’d like to see him deliver on his promise. I don’t want him to be totally different from the way he is because the reason we’re talking about him is (that) you can’t take your eyes off him when he’s on the court”.

Jimmy Arias added: “Someone should just say to him: ‘Nick, when you tank, you still lost. It doesn’t add any credence to your greatness’”. Meanwhile, Serena Williams spoke about her fashion line: "I'm excited about the show seeing it all come together, just the atmosphere of the show.

I'm trying to bring a different vibe. I'm excited to see how that happens and how it works...that's like my main goal right now. But the clothes are great. We designed it...we got a call like, 'We want you guys showing in Fashion Week.'

And I was like 'Oh my God -- love to, but it's April...we have to make everything.' So we readjusted our September October collection. I'm also excited because when it comes on the runway, we're gonna sell it...and then we'll just kind of go from there."