Nick Kyrgios may need mental help, says Courier

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Nick Kyrgios may need mental help, says Courier

Speaking on The Tennis Channel, the former world No. 1 Jim Courier commented on Nick Kyrgios' behaviour. The Australian player was fined $113,000 following his behaviour in Cincinnati. “He also continues to struggle emotionally and I think we need to spare a little bit of a thought for him.

Definitely not condoning his behaviour – does he need some mental health help? Is it actually something that is medical? We don’t know the answer to that. He’s a guy who polarises and he can play some electric tennis but man it’s been tough to watch at times", said Courier.

Martina Navratilova added: “There’s no question he needs some help. That’s definitely above our pay grade. Mentally, he needs some help. I would like for him to do his talking with his racquet rather than breaking them and rather than with his mouth.

He needs to start winning matches, then he can talk. We can’t give a moral pass to someone just because they are potentially a great tennis player”. Jon Wertheim concluded: "There’s a mental health component to this story that we need to be a bit cautious about.

These are not conventional tantrums and I think it’s been a real balance. There are some things he does that are very admirable, he breaks down the fourth wall, he’s very fan-friendly – this is not a typical jerk athlete but they’re also absolutely indefensible moments."

Through his Twitter account, Kyrgios commented: “People that are irrelevant in my personal life are trying to make comments on my personal character. Well done [potato emoji]”.