De Minaur shares the bad side of tennis

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De Minaur shares the bad side of tennis

Alex De Minaur commented on the bad side of tennis. Speaking to Forbes, the Australian player said: "It is part of the job. Sometimes you would rather be in the hotel room having a nap, but (sponsorship appearances are) part of it.

It is not something I dislike, but it is a good opportunity to get yourself out there and build your image and then hopefully when tennis is over, you have something to fall back on. We are constantly traveling from one place to another, dealing with hotels, time zones, jet lag and all those things.

tHERE are so many (positive) aspects of this life, though, you can deal with a bit of travel." De Minaur believes it's important to enjoy the life on Tour: “When you get older you start to experience the city a bit more and at the moment I feel like I just put so much energy on the tennis court, once I get out of it, I want to rest and recover and spend a lot of time in my hotel room.

I need to be better at sightseeing”. De Minaur is now a very well-known player but that was not always the case at start. “Early on, nobody believed in me. Asics was there. They have the best shoes in the game and I think a lot of the players know that as well."

De Minaur opened his run in New York in style defeating the Frenchman Pierre-Hugues Herbert. He will now meet the Chilean Christian Garin on Wednesday in the second round.