Karolina Pliskova's take on how to go through a Grand Slam

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Karolina Pliskova's take on how to go through a Grand Slam

Karolina Pliskova struggled to start her US Open campaign, but she has managed to book her place in the second round with a 7-6(6) 7-6(3) win over fellow Czech Tereza Martincova. The World No. 3 described her game as “not perfect” during this opening victory, and later added, “But I'm through so that's important”.

The twenty-seven-year-old’s serve was not as effective as she would have wished, since she lost six of her serving games, and she recognized it herself during her press conference, “Serve was not great at all.

So lost too many of my serves”. Pliskova’s debut was rendered in part more difficult by the fact that she and Martincova come from the same country. “Doesn't help that you play somebody from your country,” the 2016 US Open finalist said, “Because then it adds some extra nerves”.

The former World No. 1 also expressed her feelings on what it takes to go through a Grand Slam’s fortnight. “I guess somehow you have to find a way through. Of course in those two weeks there is bigger chance that you're not going to play your best tennis.

Of course there is going to be days like this,” she said, referring to her match against Martincova, “Or even different days. But still to find a way to fight through, I think that's the key, so I think that's what I did today.

I hope just not more days like this. Of course sometimes there are easier days, easier matches, sometimes worse. But in the end, like, if you make it through, then that's the important thing. But it's difficult, of course, to play two weeks perfect”. Pliskova will try to edge past Mariam Bolkvadze to reach the third round.