Rejecting 100,000 dollars or not: Jenson Brooksby's tough choice

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Rejecting 100,000 dollars or not: Jenson Brooksby's tough choice

Jenson Brooksby commented on his first round win over Tomas Berdych in the US Open. The American player has now guaranteed himself a $100,000 cheque but he is unsure about accepting it as he has not turned professional yet and might attend college next year.

“It gets tougher the more I win here. It’s amazing. [Berdych] has been a very good player, obviously, throughout the last decade and more. I’m just very excited to get through today. I think the fans like me a lot, which I’m very appreciative for.

I love their support", said Brooskby, who started his run in the qualifiying draw. “It’s definitely [a] financial [decision]. I would get four years of free college if I went just for one semester, compared with the money I earn here.

Just gotta figure all that out”. On the expectations around him, Brooskby added: “I know that I’m American and they want Americans to do well. I appreciate that they want me to do well”. On his progress, he added: “I wasn’t really ready for that stage yet last year because I hadn’t played even [ATP] challengers for the most part.

Now I’ve played more challengers and bigger tournaments, so I’m more ready for this stage this year”. Last year Brooksby earned a wild card in the US Open.