Simona Halep reveals the secret woman behind her success

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Simona Halep reveals the secret woman behind her success

In an interview to Eurosport Simona Halep commented on the secret woman behind her success, a physiologist. The Romanian player said: "I have been working on that. Not every day but we have a great time when we speak each other and it helps me a lot."

"In Wimbledon when you start the point it's quite. Here it's like something is moving. You have to change your mindset, stay focused on what you have to do. It's hard to be like this, it's not my personality when there are too many people around.

I have to get better but I am really happy because I had lost in the first round over the last two years." Halep believes the Tour is very balanced: "I feel we are very equal, like, level. Everyone can win any tournament, even the Grand Slams.

That's why we have different winners. Now you never know what is going to happen during the tournament. Every match is tough, first round, second round, doesn't matter. It's the same level. It's good for everybody, in my opinion.

It's a chance for everyone. We have to take it. That's why we are working hard every day. Definitely I feel lighter now. I feel much better that I could win a match finally in this tournament. I'm not feeling great at the beginning of the tournament.

But always when I played tough matches at the beginning, then I went through the semifinals or quarterfinals. So I'm confident. I feel like my game, it's there. I'm moving well. I just need a little bit of, you know, mentally confidence. Now I'm trying to get it."