Vasek Pospisil: I think prize money is pretty top-heavy

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Vasek Pospisil: I think prize money is pretty top-heavy

Canada's Vasek Pospisil recently spoke about the money fight issue that has been taking place, detailing a petition seeking a prize money boost with significant men's player support. "There are a lot of players, a lot.

I'll just leave it at that," said Pospisil. "We have big names as well." He further explained, "I think we're just wanting to say, 'Hey, we're here, let's have fair talks, explanations, transparency.

Explain why things have to be certain ways,' It's just a very gentle, 'Can we come to the negotiation table and can you just explain to us why it has to be a certain way, why it has to be 14 percent?'" He put more emphasis on players outside the Top-100 trying to make a living for themselves.

"The players get 14 percent of the revenues, seven percent to the women, seven percent to the men," Pospisil said. “Our sport is doing so incredibly well, but there's still just 100 players or so that are making a good living.

I just think it shouldn't be that way when the sport is so incredibly profitable. But it's normal because the players are relatively powerless in their positions with the tournaments”. "I think prize money is pretty top-heavy.

Every round it doubles, doubles, doubles. Obviously the guys in later rounds are doing well. But should they be making more, too?" he said. "Early round guys, qualifications, one thing that's overlooked, there are only four Grand Slams in the year.

People like to say, 'Look at this guy, he played first round, lost 6-2, 6-2, 6-3, whatever, picked up a $50,000 check.' That's just the wrong way to look at it”. "The way to look at it is that player had won 43 matches at the highest level of the sport to get to that ranking to be a direct entry, and he has four events to make that kind of money.

He pays taxes, pays travel experiences, his coach, hotel, everything. There's more to it than just $50,000 or whatever for a first-round loss. Then there's all the qualifying players, as well."