I hope Nick Kyrgios learns what respect and education are, says Ferrer

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I hope Nick Kyrgios learns what respect and education are, says Ferrer

In an interview to XL Semanal David Ferrer spoke about Nick Kyrgios' controversial behaviour. The Spanish player said: "He is losing the perspective about everything. He is a very talented player, but there are things like respect and education that I hope he learns over the time."

Ferrer received emotional tributes from all the tournaments he played this year. "I enjoyed it so much. Taking this decision was the most complicated things but after that everything was easy. I could relax and decide what tournaments I could play.

After 2018 Wimbledon I saw I could not be at a top 20 level. So I took the decision." On how his life is now, Ferrer added: "My priority is my family and to spend time with them. In the morning I go to the Academy and I train with some younger guys, but in the afternoon I exclusively stay with them.

Within one year, I do not know if I will decide another thing." Ferrer concluded: "Rafa Nadal will be unrepeatable, while the others are not. There are good players but not like Rafa. I tell you already. It's something everyone should know.

What he achieved is something you cannot imagine or reach. Let's enjoy, appreciate him and when he ends, switch to another stage." Antoine Hoang, who lost to Kyrgios in straight sets on Thursday, said: "I handled bad the beginning of the match.

When I got broken again in the second set, I thought it was a disaster. It was a rollercoaster. I had bad thoughts and I did not manage to bother him."