Benoit Paire: 'You will only see me at night clubs for the next weeks'

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Benoit Paire: 'You will only see me at night clubs for the next weeks'

In an interview to L'Equipe Benoit Paire analyzed his second round loss to Aljaz Bedene at the US Open. The French player said: "Everything is good. It was a long swing which ended with a complicated match but it was good overall.

I am having a good year. I will remember it. I will try to quickly forget this match, I do not know how to do it. For two sets my forehand was good, then I struggled. It's part of the game: it was a bit windy, not easy to play.

I make a lot of double faults. You will not see me on a tennis court for one or two weeks, that's for sure. More in the night clubs. I just have to forget that match and re-start." Asked why he did not shake Bedene's hand, Paire replied: "Why? Because when a person insults me at the changeover and speaks to me...

Kyrgios gets fined but I think Bedene deserves high fines too. I find him disrespectful, he does not respect the sport. I can get angry with myself but if he speaks this way, I cannot stand him. He can speak like this with his parents, his mother, but not with me.

He did not get warnings because the umpire did not necessarily understand what he was saying, he was speaking his language. He broke rules, so I hope he gets fined." Paire had defeated the Canadian player Bradney Schnur in straight sets, 6-2 6-4 6-4.