Naomi Osaka:'If I lose first round with Kei Nishikori in 2020 Tokyo, I cry'

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Naomi Osaka:'If I lose first round with Kei Nishikori in 2020 Tokyo, I cry'

Naomi Osaka spoke about possibly playing mixed doubles with Kei Nishikori at the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year. The world No. 1 said: "I mean, so the thing is anyone that knows my doubles track record knows that I'm down.

So the thing is I would play. Like, I would definitely play with him. I just -- I would actually need to practice doubles for the first time in my life. Because you cannot play mixed doubles with Kei Nishikori and lose in the first round of the Olympics in Tokyo.

That would be the biggest -- like, I would cry. I would actually cry for losing a doubles match. Yeah, definitely I think that that would be so, like, historic in a way. And I would love to do it, but I need to practice my doubles."

On her relationship with Iga Swiatek, Osaka added: "Iga is a cutie. Like, she's a cutie pie. You guys have to protect her over there. She's too innocent. She'd be smiling all around the place. I'm, like, Calm down.

She's super nice, she's so talented, so respectful. She plays so well. I'm really curious to see how she develops as a player. I think that everyone is really different, and I think that I've never really seen anyone sort of -- not move, I can't speak English, so I'm going to say move.

I have never seen anyone move the way she does. It's going to be interesting to see how she grows as a person and also as an athlete. Tougher opponent? I've only played Iga once. I've played Magda three times. Lost to her once and beaten her twice. I think I would have to play Iga a couple more times."