Nick Kyrgios explains why he is playing doubles at the US Open

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Nick Kyrgios explains why he is playing doubles at the US Open

Nick Kyrgios explained why he plays doubles at the US Open. The Australian player said: "I like to have, like, an hour, a pretty solid hour, hit on my days off. I like to feel the ball, make sure I sweat a little bit, make sure I feel like I've prepared well for my next round.

To play doubles at a Grand Slam is a lot of fun, something I can't take for granted. I'm going to go out there tomorrow and I definitely want to win that match. I'm playing with one of my good friends. I'm going to go out there, and I think I can use that, help my serve and volley, can help my returns.

I think it keeps tennis fun. I'm looking forward to that a lot." On his straight-set win over Antoine Hoang, the Canberra native added: "It was fun. I enjoy playing on Grandstand. I think that's maybe my second or third match there.

Tonight was tough. He's a young opponent that I don't really know that much of. He played well. Pretty happy with my performance. I guess I've been serving well, really well of late. I guess just to beat two quality opponents in straight sets has been a bonus."

Asked what captain he will pick at the ATP Cup, Kyrgios replied: "I most definitely won't pick myself. But, I mean, I've given it some thought. I'm not going to share that with you."