Schwartzman recalls when Grigor Dimitrov started doing 'strange things'

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Schwartzman recalls when Grigor Dimitrov started doing 'strange things'

Diego Schwartzman won his first career-title in 2016 Istanbul in quite a very remarkable way. Grigor Dimitrov got close to win, then the Bulgarian broke rackets, yelled on court and ended up losing. Recalling how that match was, in an interview to GQ Schwartzman said: "I felt I could win, but in tennis, all the feelings can change over a second.

The match was balanced and Dimitrov had chances to win the title. Then he started having strange attitudes with me, his mind got away and the match too. Now we have a good relationship despite the way the match ended." Schwartzman aims to crack top ten rankings one day: "It was impossible to think about the top ten.

I did not even think about it the first years I competed at a high level. But it was not because I was not confident, but because I was realistic about my opponents' level. Getting surrounded by people who pushed me to improve was one of the keys, and when I was close to the top 10, I became aware that I could have deserved more, but there was a plan to get there.

And the confidence was important. Now I enjoy what I am doing and I know when to be back home if it's necessary." Schwartzman is not too tall but he can still have success: "I hope maybe they can understand tennis is for everyone.

Is not just for the tall guys. Sometimes it's helping a lot if you are big, because you can serve fast, you can do everything fast on the baseline because you have more, the arms are bigger than me."