Nick Kyrgios is similar to me, says Boris Becker

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Nick Kyrgios is similar to me, says Boris Becker

The six-time Major winner Boris Becker believes he is similar to Nick Kyrgios. Speaking on Eurosport Podcast, the German former player said: "How he sets up the points with serve and forehand, try to keep the point shorter, the way he makes the crowd get involved.

I do not see anybody else like that. The way I drew attention from the others. Tsitsipas too but not as explosive. For me Kyrgios is dangerous to watch but Stefanos could play bigger. He stays too far from the baseline and he plays too longer points."

Becker also added: "The serve is an underestimated shot. They play too many baseline points and they forget they start rallies with serve. They do not practice it enough. They could serve a lot bigger and win games a lot of easier but they do not train it as they should do."

Mats Wilander believes he, Becker and Lendl would have competed against today's players despite the differences in terms of shots and game overall: "We have four champions here and we would have adapted to anybody, any generation, any type of racket.

We would have taken the challenge. Even you (Wilander) would have adopted. We came to the net more but we would have found a way to win." Who would be similar to Ivan Lendl? The eight-time Major winner said: "It's kind of hard to tell, a combination of Novak and Rafa, a more aggressive one. I was more aggressive, big server", said Lendl, who also picked Novak Djokovic as the best returner.