Nick Kyrgios: 'I’m a pretty boring player, I don’t bring much to the sport'

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Nick Kyrgios: 'I’m a pretty boring player, I don’t bring much to the sport'

Asked if he thinks that ATP will suspend him for his recent corruption accusation, Nick Kyrgios gave an ironic response that shows his position on the matter that raised question marks ever since his first match played in the current US Open edition.

Kyrgios has been away from home for almost six months and he confessed that he is homesick after his loss to Andrey Rublev in the third round of US Open. “I've been on the road five and a half months now. It's not easy”, said Kyrgios.

Even if he would want to escape to Australia, his schedule is not very likely to let him do that as he plans to play Laver Cup, an event which starts on 20th September. “I got doubles tomorrow. We'll see. I don't have much time before Laver Cup.

We'll see how the scheduling works out. I guess that's a disadvantage playing from Australia”, Nick continued. After his confession, Nick was asked if he thinks a suspension will be beneficial for him as it will give him time to spend at home.

“I don't know if I look at it like that. I don't know. I have no say in it. I guess it's out of my control”, Nick responded with a smile on his face. Then, Kyrgios was questioned on whether he thinks the ATP should suspend him for his blow up in the first-round match against Steve Johnson.

The Australian bad boy accused ATP’s body of corruption. The Aussie turned the question back and, a few seconds later, he came with an ironic response: “Yeah, I guess I'm a pretty boring player. I don't bring much to the sport, so..”.

Nick’s answer states the fact that ATP should not ban him considering his tennis skills and his magnetic personality. After all, people come in high numbers to see his matches, despite his unethical behavior.