Barbora Strycova: I’ve been waiting for this success nearly 25 years

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Barbora Strycova: I’ve been waiting for this success nearly 25 years

Barbora Strycova and Hsieh Su-Wei, who recently won the Wimbledon title became the first team to book their spots in the prestigious year-ending championships. Speaking about her hectic schedule, she said, “I haven’t really had any time, just two days with my boyfriend, where we were just out of Prague, and didn’t travel anywhere”.

“So many things happened. The first week was very busy, but I’ve wanted to relax and be alone with myself, to process what happened. You almost don’t realize it when it’s happening because you’re focused on different things.

I did something very special, for me, the highlight of my career and life”. She is in a more relaxed mode at the US Open as compared to Wimbledon. “I was feeling so great during these two weeks that I really didn’t have any doubt, and then I had to figure out how to be happy while knowing I have to go out and practice again.

This was really tough, I have to say. It was tough on my body, on my mentality. It was tough to come back and work again, but I had new motivation”. A top junior in the past, success took time to come for the Czech. “I’ve been waiting for this success nearly 25 years.

I was successful as a junior, and everyone felt I had to be successful on the WTA because I was No.1 in juniors. It was already a pressure on me. Suddenly, it has come, and to be honest with you, I dreamed about this all my life, but I was also doubting if I could do it because I’m 33 right now, thinking that I might never achieve what I could”.