Sumit Nagal’s Coach: Sumit can do good on hard courts as well

Tennis: Sascha Nensel spoke about the Indian’s game

by Philip Anderson
Sumit Nagal’s Coach: Sumit can do good on hard courts as well

India’s Sumit Nagal recently shot to fame with a qualification at the US Open where he ended up losing to Roger Federer in the Opening Round after taking the first set. His coach, Sascha Nensel spoke about his game and aspects he could improve.

Though Nagal plays more on clay courts, his success on hard courts was a good thing to see. “We are really happy for him for how he did at the US Open. In Hamburg, he already showed that he has the level to be dangerous for the top guys (Sumit had lost to Richard Gasquet).

The ankle injury came in a bad moment. I believe that Sumit can do good on hard courts as well”. Sumit has a big forehand and Federer was seen having some trouble with it. “Sumit’s forehand is his shot right now and yes, even for top guys it is hard to handle.

But even with this shot he has room to improve”. Speaking about his serve, Nensel added, “His serve has gotten better already in the last 6 months. Also, with this shot, there is still a lot of work that lies ahead of us.

He just has to accept that it’s not about serving aces for him. It’s about percentage and placement. His body is not built to serve bullets to all corners all the time”. Federer had some words for Sumit and Nensel spoke about that as well.

“It’s always nice to hear good words from someone like Roger”. He ended by saying, “But let’s not get carried away. Sumit is going to back to the Challenger grind on clay again starting Monday.

It is going to be tough switching back mentally to playing Challengers, where there is hardly anyone watching. It won’t be easy for him. It’s the reality, and he has to accept this”.

Sumit Nagal