Facing Daniil Medvedev would be a nightmare for me, says Wilander

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Facing Daniil Medvedev would be a nightmare for me, says Wilander

The seven-time Grand Slam winner Mats Wilander praised Daniil Medvedev following his maiden Grand Slam semifinal. The Russian player defeated Stan Wawrinka on Tuesday. "I saw him beat Novak Djokovic in Cincinnati, he has been the most successful player during the US Open Series", said Courier.

"He is very clever on the tennis court. He plays with a lot of creativity. Everything comes on the serve and forehand. On the backhand side he absorbs power beautifully. It's nearly impossible for Wawrinka to do anything with those shots.

Stan must be very upset because he could not do anything. Stan did not handle it, he did not play very well. Medvedev is a tactical genius, he has a gamestyle that players are not used to during their career. They will figure out how to play Medvedev one day but he is a unusual player.

He gets a lot of free points on the first serve. Very interesting player. You cannot predict where his forehand is going. It reminds me a bit of Stefan Edberg. The serve, that's the biggest improvement he has made. Playing him would be a nightmare.

He moves so well for a big guy. He is effortless and reads the game beautifully. I love the way he behaves! Medvedev is not going to lose to too many lower ranked guys." On the many matches he played, Medvedev said: "I'm sure that there is a risk for my body.

But talking about why I've been playing so much, it's exactly what I said earlier. I came to Washington to get used to the jetlag, to American heat. It's usually really hot in Washington. It was this year. It was kind of a transition tournament to get ready for US Open, for U.S. summer. Of course I wanted to win there."