Daniil Medvedev is a genius, not a villain - Coach

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Daniil Medvedev is a genius, not a villain - Coach

Daniil Medvedev's coach Gilles Cervara spoke highly of the Russian player following his maiden Grand Slam semifinal at the US Open. Cervara said the Russian should not be described as a villain for making fun of the crowd, adding: "His game is like his personality.

Very different. I said already once it's like to coach a genius. Sometimes a genius, you don't understand them. It's like this. They are different. And you have to connect to this guy like he is. I think we do it quite good."

Cervara also praised Medvedev's fighting spirit: "You see today it was tough match because he had some problem on his leg. But still, with this, he found a way to fight and to play good tennis with this, so to put Stan maybe in trouble with no game.

You know, it's like guys didn't know how to play, because his ball seems easy to play but it's really, really tough. Also, he cover the court so well. His mental is getting stronger and stronger. That's one of the parts of his success in his career and today."

On how their co-operation started, Cervara added: "We met, you know, five years ago because Daniil moved from Russia to France to find a center to practice, and I manage with my colleague, Jean-Rene Lisnard, center in Caan called Elite Tennis Center, and Daniil went there five years ago.

Step by step I started to coach him, and now I coach him on the tour like now. I talk to him in French because, first of all, in foreign country I didn't want anybody understand what I say to him. So that's why I started to speak French with him. And because he's smart, his brain goes smart, he learned French like this in two years."