Nick Kyrgios' underarm serve is nice, says Woodbridge

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Nick Kyrgios' underarm serve is nice, says Woodbridge

In an interview, the former world No. 1 doubles player Todd Woodbridge spoke of Nick Kyrgios' underarm serve. The Australian player was described as disrespectful by Rafael Nadal but Woodbridge believes Kyrgios is right. "It's interesting in that it's a tactic that you don't want to overuse because I think you'll find you lose more points than you'll win, but when [Kyrgios] used it, it was clear thinking, it was good timing and it did break up the play and the rhythm.

That's what you've got to do in any sport to get a tactical advantage and it's certainly within every boundary of the rules." "Nick is always going to be Nick, and when he's on and he plays well, we've seen what he's capable of.

He wins Acapulco, beating a strong list of players that week, including Nadal. It's about consistency from here on in. If he can get consistency with his quality then there is talk, yes, he can do well at majors but now he has to really work on trying to find that."

Pam Shriver praised Serena Williams: "We’re talking over a hundred, well over a hundred majors, and you think that, you know, not one mom won a singles major. Well, one of the things to me, it makes it difficult, is the choice women have to make is, if they’re going to play a long, full career, you’re missing prime time to have a baby.

That ended up happening to me where, because of my tennis, it just got really late in the game, and I ended up needing a lot of help to try to have [a baby]. It didn’t just happen”.