Paes: 'Everyone feels nervous. Not just Tsitsipas, also Federer...'

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Paes: 'Everyone feels nervous. Not just Tsitsipas, also Federer...'

In an interview to sdna the former world No. 8 Leander Paes commented on Stefanos Tsitsipas' improvements and growth. The Indian said: "He is an amazing guy, so talented and he is from a good background, good family.

I like him a lot, he is one of the toughest guys on Tour. For me he has the potential to win Grand Slam titles. He needs to be able to take that talent and do everything in a simple way and with the best quality like Rafa, Federer, Djokovic do.

It's easy: they take advantage of their talent. He has a good serve, forehand, backhand, can play at the net. Lately, we tried to make him go more to the net. He is an amazing kid and I train with him." Asked if Tsitsipas is nervous, Paes replied: "And Federer? He is never nervous? What happened in the Wimbledon final when he served to win the match? Everyone feels nervous.

I heard it many times in my career. It's part of the learning process. I think there are many steps you should do before making a talent become a champion. That's a good lesson for Stefanos. He learns in every match. With the team next to him he will become a great champion one day, you will see it."

Meanwhile Daniil Medvedev's psychologist Francisca Dauzet spoke about the Russian player's improvements: “He [needed] to … grow up as a man and as a player. And you could see the results now. Maybe [he] feels something bad, physically, [but] with his mind, he can [transcend] and really be the same”.