Matteo Berrettini is built like a rugby player, says Courier

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Matteo Berrettini is built like a rugby player, says Courier

In an interview, former world No. 1 Jim Courier spoke highly of Matteo Berrettini. The American said: “He’s built like a rugby player or strong safety linebacker type. But he also knows what he’s doing out there.

He’s not just a bully on the court. He’s becoming a top-flight player”. Berrettini also recalled a recent conversation of him with his grandmother: “She told me, ‘You are unbelievable. You are my strength, my heart, you are everything.'

It meant so much to hear that." Berrettini's agent said: “Nobody on the team really needs him. That’s important. We can lose him tomorrow and everybody lives on perfectly. Matteo was treated like a 25-year-old already when he was 15.

This is why he is more mature than most of the players his age He did not feel the pressure that grown-ups, unfortunately, give to the kids. Vincenzo was always against that. He wanted to create somebody for the future. Parents of some players want them to grow up too fast because they want something from them”.

In an interview with the German media, six-time Major winner Boris Becker commented on Alexander Zverev's tough time. Becker still feels confident despite the German, who lost to Diego Schwartzman in the US Open fourth round, is having a tough season.

"He did not serve well but it's overall a little light after a tough summer. Keep going this way, Sascha," said Becker. On Dominik Kopfer, Becker added: "He (has now) broken (into the) top-100 rankings and he can join the Davis Cup team. He played in an amazing way in the fourth round and he lost four long sets against Medvedev."