Medvedev: 'I will be a bit mad only if you knock on the door at 6:00 AM'

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Medvedev: 'I will be a bit mad only if you knock on the door at 6:00 AM'

In a press conference, Daniil Medvedev spoke about his mentality. The Moscow native said: "I will not say that I'm a kind person or a good person. I can only say I'm a really calm person in life. I actually have no idea why the demons go out when I play tennis.

Especially when I was a junior, I had a lot of problems with my attitude. I was not getting defaulted, but I was getting -- to have a game penalty was easy. I was working hard because every time I do something wrong on the court, I'm sitting with myself, I'm not like this in normal life.

Why does it happen? I don't want it to happen like this. So I have been working a lot on it, and I have improved a lot. Sometimes it still happens. But again, talking about normal life, to make me angry, you need to do something crazy for one week in a row.

You need to, I don't know, come to my hotel, knock on my door at 6:00 in the morning for seven days in a row. Then I'm going to be maybe mad a little bit. If not, I'm really calm." Medvedev added: "This summer's been, I should say, so fast and long at the same time.

Long because I've played so many matches. At the same time so fast because, as you say, I didn't have any moment to just sit down and look back and say, Okay, I've done amazing things. Hopefully, I will have some time after Sunday.

It's going to be the last match in the American summer. Of course, deep inside of me, I understand that what I've done these four weeks is amazing, even comparing to what I've done before. Also one more thing: I don't want to stop. I will always work to be better. I will try to do my best every day."