Daniil Medvedev on the secret woman behind his success

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Daniil Medvedev on the secret woman behind his success

Daniil Medvedev shared the secret woman behind his success. The Russian player said: "It's a mental coach. She's helping me a lot. I mean, to be honest, my wife helps me a lot. Again, just sitting there with myself. I lost a lot of matches in my career when I was getting crazy.

You never know when you lose a match just because you lost it or because you get crazy and lost some concentration. You can never be sure about it. I was sitting after these matches, I was like, I don't want to lose these matches because I get crazy or because I lose some concentration because of the fans, because of the referees, I don't know, something that happens during the match.

That's why. I want to lose matches because I was the worst tennis player on the court than my opponent. If I manage to do it every time, that's going to be great." Medvedev continued: "Of course, Grand Slams are different just because it's even five sets.

You have to win much more sets to be in the final. I probably won the same amount of sets like three tournaments before together, I'm not sure. It's really tough mentally. That's what I've been missing before. Before my best slam result was fourth round.

I felt like it's just so tough to win a five-set match. I knew I was going the right way, I just had to fight for every set, for every point. Didn't work out before. But here, this week, everything has worked out. I won a lot of four-set matches, which shows how great mentally I was here, and physically also.

I was going on the right path. I felt that there is something missing, but I'm trying to find it. I don't know how did I find it. I think it is just experience, because this year I lost two really tough five-setters at Roland Garros, leading 2-0, having a break in the fifth.

Wimbledon, having a break in the fifth. I lost them, but it's a great experience to know how it is to not let this happen again."