Robert Farah recalls when he felt like Shakira

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Robert Farah recalls when he felt like Shakira

Robert Farah spoke about the amazing welcome he and his doubles partner Sebastian Cabal got in Colombia. Farah said: "There was basically 20,000 people there in the airport. They receive him (Cabal) with a fire truck. They put him on top of the fire truck with the flags.

I mean, people everywhere. There was a caravan going to the city. I arrived in Bogota, and I kept saying to the Colombian media I felt like Shakira felt for, like, two hours, because you come out and there are all these journalists, and everyone's coming and they're chanting "Colombia, Colombia," and there is a bunch of flags in the airport.

I wasn't expecting that, and it was crazy. Yeah. "We know Ivan (Dodig) for quite a while now. He's a great mentor and good coach at the junior level. He's been with the ITF program for quite a bit now. I mean, for us to be named on his same level and to be Grand Slam champions, it's an honor.

The way Colombia received us when we came back from Wimbledon was really breathtaking, and I think that -- I mean, I don't even want to think about how crazy it gonna be now that we come back from the US Open. I think that back-to-back is quite an achievement, and, I mean, we just have to say, 'Thank you, Colombia', for all that support and that good vibe they always give us. We are very happy to represent our country the way that we are doing it."