Andreescu’s childhood decision that impacted her grand future

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Andreescu’s childhood decision that impacted her grand future

Andreescu’s first coach, Gabriel Hristache, talked about how he taught her the basics of tennis and what crucial decision of Andreescu’s parents got the US Open sensation to train in proper conditions to accomplish her dreams, in an interview for Digi Sport.

“At 10 years and a half, her mother, after many problems that she encountered with the business she tried here, - wishing to remain in Romania, so Bianca could study in Romania -, after two years and a half she understood that she has no chance in Romania and she went back in Canada”, said Gabriel.

After all her mother’s trials to settle Bianca in Romania, Gabriel admits that Canada has better training conditions than his home country. “Only Maria Andreescu [the mother] and Bianca came because Nicu Andreescu [the father] had a very ok job there and it was pointless to resign until something worked in Romania, but it wasn't to be.

And I think this was better for Bianca, considering the zero implication that the Romanian state provides to grow athletes”, declared Hristache. Andreescu’s first coach confessed how he feels now that his former student plays on the greatest stages of the tennis world “Hard to put it into words.

It's a privilege to have, in a career, the chance to work with an athlete who gets so high. I think it happens to very few coaches. I am very excited when I speak about her and when I watch the matches. It's something special.

I didn't expect it”, said Hristache. Gabriel also pointed out how he introduced Bianca to the noble sport that made her famous. “We worked for two and a half years. Actually, she started tennis with me. She hasn't played at all.

I teached her the basics and technique of tennis. We, in Romania, don't really know to appreciate in any domain how important is the beginning, even in school, but in sports also, to have a base and then the foundation to build how many floors you want”, noted the coach.