Daniil Medvedev: 'People were cheering me up like crazy in US Open final'

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Daniil Medvedev: 'People were cheering me up like crazy in US Open final'

Daniil Medvedev is now in a good relationship with the US Open crowd. They booed him during the first week, they clapped for his quality game during the second week. "I have to say I'm being myself, talking about bad things, not proud of them, but I was being myself", said the world No.

4. "Talking about good things and getting the crowd back, which I should be surprised. Again, I was being myself. I was fighting for every point. I think they appreciated it. As I said, being break down in the third, I won the game, and I felt that these guys wanted some more tennis.

They were cheering me up like crazy. I knew I have to leave my heart out there for them also. For myself first of all, but for them also. I think they saw it and they appreciate it. I'm thankful to them for this." On why he took many risks during the match against Rafael Nadal, Medvedev added: "I have to say it's all about tactics.

For example, talking about Cincinnati, talk more about this final, I'll be fast. It's just that I saw that Novak was killing my second serve, so I had to go for the first one. Talking about tonight, same. First two sets, I was kind of close, but at the same time Rafa was a beast out there.

I felt like everything I do, he has an answer. So I was continuing to try something, to find something new. I was going to the net sometimes, doing some dropshots, some slice. I tried everything. As I say, these, I have to say, three guys, they are legends.

The way they're playing tennis is just unbelievable. When you are out there, tactically it's tougher than against anybody else. For three sets, for two sets and until a break, I was thinking, Okay, what should I do? Then I found something.

I don't know what is it, but I managed to be better in the game. And after, it was an equal match, I should say."