Andreescu has the champion spirit of Boris Becker – Bianca’s first coach

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Andreescu has the champion spirit of Boris Becker – Bianca’s first coach

Andreescu’s first coach, Gabriel Hristache, confessed - in an interview for Digi Sport -, that he identified in Bianca, the recently crowned US Open champion, the same characteristics that made Boris Becker win his first Grand Slam at only 17 years old.

Hristache wanted to point out that he was the one who lighted-up the passion for tennis in Andreescu. "I lived the match very intensely. The love for tennis was transmitted to her in Romania and especially by me. I have children who come from other coaches and they don't want to practice tennis because they didn't like the coach.

I think this is the most important contribution of Romania and especially mine because I transmitted the love for this wonderful sport - tennis. I think no kid, at 6 years old, doesn't come because he wants to do tennis.

I think it's a wish of the parents. I think her parents were the ones who took the decision to try tennis with Bianca, while I was the one who encouraged her to practice tennis, observing that she has a lot of qualities”.

, said Gabriel. What made the former coach of the US Open queen believe in Bianca was her sparkle that resembled the sixth time Grand Slam winner Boris Becker. “As Tiriac talks about Boris Becker, that, at the selection he saw him, he wasn't excelling on the physical side, but he had the look of champions, of victory desire.

This is what I saw at Bianca. She was extraordinarily ambitious and with a fantastic victory desire. This would be her main quality that I observed at her. There are a lot of talented tennis players who want, but don't manage to make performance, missing exactly these qualities: the desire for victory, the trust in their own powers.

Bianca owned these things since she was little”, declared Hristache. If what the coach commented is true, then Bianca is very likely to become a dominant force in the WTA Tour shortly.