Ankita Raina: For a sponsor ROI is a very important metric

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Ankita Raina: For a sponsor ROI is a very important metric

26 year old Ankita Raina is the top Indian women’s player on tour only the fifth Indian woman player to ever break into the top 200 of the WTA singles rankings. Speaking about her experiences with sponsors, she had a few words to say about the same.

First speaking about her equipment sponsor – Yonex, she said, “Yonex is a vibrant, exuberant brand offering players the best in class equipment and apparel. They understand the players need and offer a variety of on-trend options, for the player to select.

I’ve been with Yonex since 2014 and since then my performances have been climbing”. Further digging deeper into this assessment about Yonex, she added, “Yonex has provided me with the best state of the art equipment and apparel, considering all the nitty-gritty of my requirements.

They support me with an apparel range in every season and do offer an intense variety of designs and colours to choose from. I also find their fabric to be up to the needs of the professional routine, players go through”.

Speaking about what the sponsors want from your end, she commented, “Well, multiple factors are contributing to the above state. Most important, according to me, is that for a sponsor Return On Investment (ROI) is a very important metric.

For this metric to be healthy, there is a direct dependency on the popularity of the sport. And in turn, for the sport to become popular in the nation, there is a star athlete required, which again sums up to the issue of not having many due to lack of sponsor support.

Hence this is a vicious cycle, the resolution to which, according to me lies with sponsors seeing their investments as a long-term strategy rather than a near term goal”.