Daniil Medvedev can win six or seven Grand Slams, says McEnroe

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Daniil Medvedev can win six or seven Grand Slams, says McEnroe

John McEnroe praised Daniil Medvedev for his great perfomance in the US Open and the tournaments prior to that. The American said: "The only question is physically. He is too skinny. If he holds up, he is gonna win six or seven Majors.

He is a chess master." On Medvedev's loss to Rafael Nadal in the Montreal final, Mats Wilander said: "I thought Medvedev had bigger chances because when you look at the way he hits backhand, it's similar to Djokovic's or Soderling's.

But the difference is that he does not hit it the ball hard enough, it seems. That could be his weakness even it's a good backhand." Asked what matches by Medvedev he was surprised the most by during the US Open prior to the final, Wilander concluded: "The one against Stan Wawrinka surprised me the most.

I thought Wawrinka had more chances to beat Medvedev. I thought he was gonna beat the Russian even when Medvedev was up two sets to love. He made Wawrinka play much worse. I was hoping and trying to make players play worse myself too, because if Ivan Lendl, John played their best tennis, I could not compete with them.

So I was always trying to make them play worse. That's Medvedev's game plan too. I love that." On Nadal, Mats Wilander said: "He gives so much. He plays every point as hard as he can. He struggled in some situations against Diego Schwartzman where he had a bit of cramps. He shows what kind of champion he is. The fact that he can go through difficulties is amazing."